Walter Bax
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    Meal Worm Beatles

    July 26, 2011
    Meal Worm Beatles of Regina, SK.. not cool.


    On Tuesday, July 26, 2011, Ray Majoran said:

    LOL.. Interested to know what your encounter was with them. Just looked them up:

    Facts about mealworm beetles

    Mealworm beetle

    Most commonly seen in the summer. Although they are seen wandering in many areas, they prefer dark and damp conditions.
    Adult beetles found indoors in ones and twos may have come from a nearby bird's nest into an open window.
    They do no harm in the living room of a house but can become a nuisance in the kitchen if they get into containers of food and start breeding.
    Adult beetles are shiny dark brown or black in colour and can grow up to 30mm in length.
    Because of the beetle's long development period an infestation is often due to poor hygiene or the remains of old food.
    Mealworms often feed on corn or flour, and are sometimes found in bird's nests.

    They also feed on the bodies of dead rats or mice if they are old and dry.


    .... So don't leave any dead mice in your car.

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